Caribou Ranch is For Sale!

If I had $45,000,000.00  I’d buy it, but I could only come up with $45.00. Darn!

While it struck me as a sad thing, I guess it’s just that things have changed for Jimmy and it makes sense for him. After all, he’s owned it for a long time, and I suppose he and Lucy are looking to their future plans.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been sad that I lost all my great pictures of the ranch. Well, if you go to the  Mountain Marketing Associates website you can see a lot of fantastic pictures of the ranch.

Looking through those pictures really stirred a lot of memories.  When I was driving on the old narrow gauge railroad bed to check the water meters, I would pass these areas little piles of rocks. I found out that they were where the Chinese workers would cook their meals while building the railroad. The pictures of the ranch from above were probably taken from along the railroad – that’s where I got a lot of good pics from above.

The one thing missing in these pics is the waterfall. However, it may have been part of the parcel sold to Boulder. Anyway, take a look at these pictures because you’ll see the ranch as you’ve probably never seen it before. It was a lot more than just the barn.

Somehow it’ll seem more like lost history after it changes owners. Whereas right now it’s still there and even though I haven’t been there in a long time, it’s kind of like “home”. I’m still connected to it. I’m afraid that connection will be gone when it’s sold.