Become a part of rich music history.
Caribou tales now is NOT looking for a partner with accounts of the Caribou ranch or a similar concept to run a franchise under the Caribou tales name.

Caribou tales is not just a recounting of the events of a music studio’s prime years.
It is bringing to life the most spectacular pop music industry era. The world sees the faces of their favorite artists on-screen; enjoys the sound of their hit songs but what they don’t get to see is the other side. These are behind the scenes moments that bring forth the most loved tunes and the idols music tales.
It tells stories of a recording studio with over 150 artists like Elton John, Peter Cetera, a glamorous performance record of 45 top 10 albums, 18 Grammys, 20 number one billboard hits, and 100 million in record sales.

With a rich history of rock and roll, pop music, and big names, Caribou tales is the perfect stepping stone for individuals looking to showcase their music tales and get a piece of the glamorous music industry.

How to Start?

Since this is a formal franchise business, the franchisee will go through the legal documentation process of franchising.
Here is a simple 4 step process on what happens next.

Step 1: Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document
After expressing interest in Caribou tales, you will be contacted and offered a franchise disclosure document as a requirement by law. The FDD provides you with information on what the Caribou tales bring to the table in terms of business opportunities. As an assessment document for the franchisee, you are free to ask questions, take time to go through and understand the business before deciding if you want to invest.

Step 2: Register Your Business
Unlike chain business as a franchise venture, you will be the owner operating under the franchisor’s name (caribou tales). You, therefore, have to register your business entity separately.

Step 3: Sign the Agreement
After registration, you will be eligible to buy into franchising. At this point, you will receive a franchise agreement to sign and seal the deal to operate under Caribou tales.

Step 4: Utilize the Franchise Operations Manual
As a part of the franchise system, you will get a franchise operations manual  like this to help you set up and run your caribou tales business. This manual will show you how to synchronize your business operations with the parent company for similarity.

Take the next step, sign up with Caribou tales, and own a unit franchise- DISCONTINUED!.