Remember The Midnight Special?

 Where have I been? Well, I’ve been busy building an internet business, and have planned to post here a thousand times! My how Tempus Fugits! 

Then the other day I saw a long Infommercial advertising DVD’s with all the performances from this late-night TV show in the 70’s.

It just brought back so many memories, I thought I’d comment on it.  If I wasn’t busy, or occupied in some way, I remember watching this show quite a bit.  It would come on Friday night (actually Saturday morning, I guess) after the Tonight Show. Oh, and the Tonight Show was hosted by Johnny Carson in those days. (look him up)

This show was great because the music acts would play “live” – no lip-synching allowed! Plus, the best comedians of the time appeared as well. People like Bill Cosby, Red Foxx, Steve Martin, and Richard Pryor.

Almost every “major” act of that era appeared on the show. And it was a mix of pop, rock, country, jazz, R&B – something for everyone. 

It’s too bad there isn’t anything like that today. Anyway, I don’t know of anything. If you do, please leave a comment and tell me all about it.

Here’s a link to the DVD’s if you’d like to get them: The Midnight Special  –  not sold in stores!

And here’s a link to a list of all the acts that appeared:  Artists  –  fun to look at!

Who sang the theme song?